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The Clark Fork
  This river is named for Captain William Clark, of the famous Lewis & Clark expedition. It’s the "largest water" we have in the immediate Missoula are, and it boasts some amazing mayfly and terrestrial fishing! Pods of fish that at times number in the hundreds in a single golf-green sized eddy, rise to small mayflies such as baetis and tricos. This productivity is truly amazing for a freestone river, as these numbers are usually only to be seen in a tailwater environment.Fly fishing the Clark fork river These “pods,” are of course not in every run of the river, but our guides know where to locate them, and when they ease the boat into position on one of these giant, foam filled back eddies, you’ll realize---"Those aren't waves in the foam! Those are fins and heads everywhere!"  At first this kind of fishing might seem like fishing in a barrel, but be forewarned:  These critters are not your normal rainbow. With the lift of the rod, your prize may be in a different zip-code by the time you realize what’s happened. Our "infamous" Clark Fork rainbow fights harder and makes longer runs than normal fish of this size. A 20 incher here fights like a fresh steelhead.
  Most of us that live and fish here, think of the Clark Fork as two different rivers: the "lower river.” from Missoula, and the Bitterroot confluence, all the way to Idaho is what we call the "big water"; the "upper Clark Fork" is considered everything east of the old Milltown dam site, water that gives one the feeling of being on a miniature Blackfoot, with a little bit of the Bitterroot mixed in. The dam has now been removed, and for the first time in over one hundred years, fish from all of our watersheds are free to mix and mingle at their leisure. With unlimited native spawning habitat retained, we expect the Clark Fork to become an even more amazing river in the years to come. You can read more about important updates and news on the Clark Fork by checking out the Clark Fork Coalition, or feel free to contact us for more information on this subject.

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