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The Blackfoot River
  This is Montana fly fishing. It's no wonder that Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs through It, wrote, “I am haunted by waters.” The deep green-hued pools seem bottomless, un-mapable, even overwhelming to one who dreams of the fish living at the bottom of such fabled waters.
  Of course Maclean’s comment could also be taken philosophically, and we can discuss its various meanings as we cast dry flies the size of small birds into the roily torrents and endless boulder strewn runs of this mighty river. 
   Fly fishing the Blackfoot river in MontanaIn June, you will see Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies that rival the size of many fishermen's bass poppers! The pace is fast and furious this time of year, but at all levels, this river rewards the angler. On the Blackfoot, be it with dries, nymphs or streamers, this river offers every fishing challenge one would picture on a Montana river. The water changes character quickly, from long glides peppered with Green Drakes, to frothy plunge pools where anxious rainbows hammer anglers’ imitations with abandon.
  And don't be surprised if the 18 inch cutthroat you’re playing to the boat gets attacked by a giant bull trout! It's a sight you have to see to believe. This river is a streamer fisherman’s dream, with large hungry brown trout, and big thick rainbows, happy to give chase to a well-drifted sculpin pattern. We love this river, and its challenges and rewards are an unequalled experience.

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