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The Bitterroot River 
  This incredible freestone river has every attribute a fly fisherman could ever dream up, and leaves no expectation unsatisfied. With the upper reaches of the East and West Forks twisting through boulder fields, half-canyons, and the mid-river characterized by long meadow-lined banks and gin clear pools, the Bitterroot is a river in constant revision of itself. From giant root systems that have been at the edge of its banks for decades, to the cottonwood tree that fell in yesterday, the river provides as many go-to holes as it does surprises. Wild trout relish this habitat, and thrive on the incredible insect life that teems in this river. This watershed ebbs and flows to its very own rhythm. Fishing the Bitterroot river Missoula, MontanaThere is no other stream in the West that changes so much in the course of just a few months, from mid-spring to mid-summer, and yet sustains such classic, secretive lies for the trout to take refuge in. Refuge indeed-we call them "target areas!”   
  As it closes the distance to Missoula, the river’s faster chutes and heavier currents give way to more undercut banks and log-jam mazes that hold big hungry trout, waiting for the right drift of a huge dry fly or streamer.
  The Bitterroot offers eighty miles of main stem, with another twenty miles of the west fork. If one were to add up all the channels, back waters and springs, not to mention the countless tributaries that hold trout at their mouths, they would find that there is more fly fish-able trout water in this valley, than most people could fish in a lifetime.

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