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Nick Stipech
Nick grew up exploring and fishing the waters of the UP in Michigan, angling for anything he could get a line in front of, as well as learning the art of fly fishing.
Later, he chose to attend the university of Montana, and moved to Missoula mainly for our areas fly fishing opportunities. After graduating a with degree in aquatic biology, he worked as a fisheries tech for Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks tagging, monitoring and surveying our trout in a variety of our areas rivers and small streams. The knowledge gained from his work there was undoubtedly very helpful in acquiring a much better understanding our many rivers and habits of the trout they hold. Nick chose to stay in the Missoula area to get his masters in guiding fly fishing trips, starting in 2003. He had John’s attention right out of the gate. Nick has become one of the best in the profession, and as John says, “he kind of took the ball, and ran!” He has been one of our most requested guides, and people are more than enthused when they call to book another trip with Nick.

Fly fishing outfitters Missoula

Travis Wallace
Travis grew up in Gig Harbor Washington and began fly fishing at an early age on many rivers throughout the west. He started guiding in 2001 in Central Washington for trout, and steelhead. He then moved to the Bitterroot valley in 2003, with his wife, and continued guiding fly anglers for trout. Travis truly enjoys spending his days on the water with his clients, and helping them make the most of their time in this incredible place we call home. Travis will work hard to make the best day of fishing possible ,and will employ all the techniques that people are willing to use. Be it, stalking pods of rising fish, prospecting with big dries, or dredging them up from the depths with one of his custom streamers. Any way you slice it, a day with Travis on the water, is a great day.

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Dave Heimes
Dave began guiding in early nineties, and has worn many a pair of waders out in multiple, trout havens such as Oregon, Alaska, Patagonia, and for the last ten years with us here in Missoula. Dave became a certified casting instructor in 1993, and is a easy going, patient, and very adaptable guide. He has a great time with both beginners and experts alike, and there’s no mistaking that while you float for a day on our rivers with him! Many of the patterns Dave uses come off his own vise. He really loves hunting down the big boys with some of his little CDC patterns. If you are a “die hard” dry fly angler, he will work hard to make it nothing but the total dry fly experience for you! Dave promotes ethical angling to the fullest, and is a true asset to us, and our fisheries, here in Montana.

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Scott Belz
Hailing from New England, Scott started fishing at the ripe old age of 4 on pan-fish and bass. Shortly thereafter he was introduced to trout on the fly and the hook was set! From there Scott cracked the entomology books, rolled some river rocks and started fly tying. Scott has been guiding anglers in Montana and Alaska since 2002. He has guided 21 different rivers in Montana alone, some of which most guides haven't even heard of. Due to the variety of waters he has engaged, Scott has become an extremely versatile guide. Small dries to picky risers in a spring slough or a double streamer rig on 20lb. test in muddy high water, Scott knows how to get the fish to eat, even when they are not hungry. Scott will gladly fish you harder than you could believe possible or give you a relaxing day on the water with your family, whatever your needs, he will surely meet and exceed your expectations. A day or two with a this seasoned guide leads to more pictures in the photo album, and a lot of fun with a very enthusiastic guide.

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Chris Stroup
moved to Montana in 1997 to Fly Fish and attend the University of Montana. After receiving his B.A. in Psychology, he decided that being a guide might be more fun than going to grad school. He has been guiding for 10 years now, and truly believes he made the right decision. Chris grew up with Appalachian roots and learned to trout fish in the waters of western North Carolina. He says that as far back as he can remember, his Dad had him out in the rivers and in the woods hunting and fishing, instilling in him the passion that drives him today. Chris spends around 200 to 250 days a year on the water, between guiding and his own fishing. He also spends another 40 or so days a year Bow Hunting. Chris’s philosophy on life, as well as guiding is,” If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!” Everyday on the water is fun for Chris and his clients, and his joy of fly fishing is no secret when your in his boat.
fly fishing outfitters missoula

Jason Coates
Jason grew up in a small town in south east Alabama , and began his fishing career casting to largemouth bass, bream, catfish or anything else that was catch able. After moving to Montana in 2001 Jason started fly fishing while working in Glacier National Park. Once he landed his first trout, with a fly, on Mitten Lake it was over! Ever since that first trout, he has been chasing, and guiding folks to them with reckless abandon. Between hatches, Jason attended the University of Montana and received a degree in Ecology and Botany. Jason has grown into an incredible fisherman over the past few years, and he loves sharing his knowledge and techniques with our guests. There’s even a few big browns he knows about, that get John a little stirred up once in a while on the Bitterroot. After time spent on our waters with Jason, your appreciation for Montana, and it’s resources are brought out to their fullest.

fly fishing guides missoula

Evan Phillippe

Grew up fly fishing 'back East,' cutting his teeth on the limestone spring creeks, and mountain brook trout streams of the Appalachians. His dad made the mistake of taking him fishing in Montana at age twelve, which led to an immediate change of priorities, and an eventual move west to attend Colorado State in Fort Collins. Evan majored in fishing and skiing, and guiding fishermen on the waters of northern Colorado in the summers. All the while continuing to visit Montana as often as possible. The pull of the Big Sky proved too much and he moved to Missoula in 2003 to succumb to the industry full-time. Fly fishing is Evan's first passion, and he enjoys guiding and introducing others to the sport just as much as fishing himself. In the off season he spends his time swinging flies, chasing birds, and dreaming of the next tropical flat.

fly fishing outfitters montana

Peter Skidmore
grew up in Napa California. He started out fly fishing the lower Sacramento for trout, and the Trinity river for steel head. Peter went to the University of Montana, and now has a degree in resource conservation. This will be Peter’s fourth season guiding in the Missoula area, and after the eight years he spent, ( mostly fishing we now know) in Missoula, he has become even more of an outstanding fisherman and a hard working, upbeat guide that is a real treat to spend a day on the water with. Peter loves the Missouri river, and plans on doing a bit more guiding over there in the ‘09 season. Peter is a substitute teacher in the off season, and enjoys fishing for steelhead in northern California, and strippers in the Delta. This guy’s the all around angler, and folks love to come back to fish with him year after year.

fly fishing outfitters missoula


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